Image of Shades of Temptation (Special Investigations Groups)


Image of Shades of Temptation (Special Investigations Groups)

DePaul’s latest novel combines nonstop action, a cunning villain and one very strong and passionate special agent working through her own demons after a tragic incident. Though the plot is oft-used, what carries this story is the fiery chemistry between the two main characters. A fairly enjoyable read.

Still recovering from an incident that left her physically battered, Special Agent Carrie Ward comes back to work on a case involving a serial killer who methodically kills his female victims. Though she requested this case, she’s not looking forward to working with fellow agent Jase Tyler — especially after he propositioned her the last time they were together. Yet, Jase can’t help the attraction he feels for Carrie. And, honestly, with Jase, Carrie can’t help it either. Will they both be able to keep it together as they race to get to the next victim before the killer does? (HQN, Oct., 336 pp., $7.99)

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