Following a brutal murder, suspicion and guilt rip apart a proud Southern family in Linda Howard's newest sizzler, SHADES OF TWILIGHT.

Due to the untimely deaths of their respective parents, distant cousins Roanna Davenport, Jessie Davenport, and Webb Tallant are raised together on the family's Alabama estate, Davencourt. Matriarch Lucinda Davenport makes a bargain with young Webb; while not a Davenport, he will be the heir apparent if he marries the beautiful Jessie. Having been obsessed with Jessie for years, Webb complies.

It is young Roanna, however, who touches his heart. Years younger than her cousins, Roanna feels awkward and isolated from everyone except Webb. Her youthful crush leads to tragedy when Jessie accuses them of having an affair. While Webb has been faithful during their troubled marriage, Jessie can't claim the same. In fact, if the identity of her lover were known, it would shock the entire community.

When Jessie is brutally murdered, suspicion falls on Webb. No charges are brought, but an angry and defiant Webb abandons his heritage..

Ten years later, Lucinda is dying and she requests that Roanna find Webb and bring him home. Roanna complies, despite the pain she fears it will bring since her love for Webb has never died. Many in the family, as well as in the community, are not happy to see Webb return. And with Jessie's murder still unsolved, the murderer may be getting ready to strike once again.

Without a doubt, Ms. Howard is an extraordinary talent whose mastery of the romantic suspense genre allows her to deliver unforgettable novels richly flavored with scintillating sensuality and high-voltage suspense. Make room on your shelf for another keeper! (July, 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith