The day before Eve and Lucien's wedding dawns perfectly. The marriage that should have taken place two years before is truly going to happen. Everything is ready, and nothing can go wrong—until the president of the Plummerville Ghost Society tells Lucien about the Honeycutt Hotel.

The lure of the abandoned hotel is too much for renowned medium Lucien. Besides, his soon-to-be wife is surrounded by her vexing family, and he needs something to do. But when Lucien leaves Eve standing at the altar for the second time, she fights back by taking the whole Ghost Society with her. Her hopes are dashed when the evil spirit in the hotel traps them all. Lucien and Eve must fight for his very soul, and the other members will have to battle their own personal demons before finding salvation.

This second book in the unique Shades trilogy becomes a journey into the dark side of human nature when Eve's girlfriends must confront their wounded pasts before accepting the light of love. The demon inside her lover's body forces Eve to choose a life without Lucien or death to the two amorous couples locked in other rooms.

This book sizzles with sensuality that has me looking forward to what Fallon (who also writes as Linda Winstead Jones) will do in the third book, SHADES OF SCARLET, in August. VERY SENSUAL (Apr., 315 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black