Image of On Shadow Beach


Image of On Shadow Beach

The second story in the Angel's Bay series is a lovely contemporary romance with a cold-case mystery thrown in for good measure. While
the effort to get the Angels into the
story is a bit strained, you can never
get enough of Freethy's excellent
characters. She's a master at creating whole relationships in just a few
short paragraphs.

Lauren never wanted to return to Angel's Bay -- the scene of her sister's murder and her family's disintegration -- but now her father has Alzheimer's, and someone has to take care of him. He's still living in the family home, with even the room she shared with her sister unchanged. That is not the only painful piece of her past she has to face.

Shane, her old boyfriend, who was accused of the murder, is also back in Angel's Bay. To make matters even worse, a movie guy from LA is nosing around, thinking about making a movie about her sister's death. Lauren is face to face with so many feelings from long ago: love, guilt, anger, loss and a terrible need to know -- who did kill her sister? (POCKET STAR, Apr., 389 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan