Carter has done a remarkable job with this novel. Readers will enjoy the psychological suspense connected to finding out what happens to Jenny and, ultimately, her father. The portrayal of Kurt's love is endearing, as is Jenny's desire to understand and control what she has become. Though she seems to immediately accept her condition, it doesn't come across as unbelievable. Kurt and her doctor also provide a good balance to Jenny's character and help the reader to care and root for her to overcome what life has handed her.

Jenny Cameron has major trauma after the savage death of her twin brother and half-sister, believed to be killed by dogs, yet she can't remember the full details of that night. She begins having nightmares, loses a considerable amount of weight and can't seem to get enough to eat. Her boyfriend, Kurt, convinces her to speak with a psychiatrist, and she eventually learns the source of her nightmares and about her transformation into a werewolf and her absentee father (the origin of a lot of her pain). Through meeting her dad, Jenny realizes he isn't in complete control of his transformations -- and may pose a threat to her and Kurt.

(Dec. '04, 176 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Tee C. Royal