Image of Shadow Bound


Image of Shadow Bound

A new voice takes her place with a story that chronicles a deadly threat to humanity. Kellison offers readers a fresh take on death, Fae and soul-sucking wraiths while introducing readers to her version of Twilight — or the realm between life and death. A highly promising debut!

Against all rules, Death fell in love with a young woman. Their brief moment of forbidden passion resulted in a child and the escape of a dark entity. Talia O’Brien has always known she was different, and a near-death experience briefly introduces her to her father, known as Shadowman. After his brother Jacob turned into a soul-sucking wraith and killed his parents, Adam Thorne started Segue Industries to discover how to kill the now immortal Jacob. When he comes across Talia’s thesis on near-death experiences, he knows he must hire her. But with the wraiths after her, too, it’s a race against time. What is so special about Talia that the wraiths fear her? Is she humanity’s best hope? (LEISURE, Jul., 322 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith