Celie Cameron had longed for a life of peace when she left the world of the Controllers, but her new world was entirely too dull and uneventful. That, however, was before she traveled to the Joba settlement.

It was supposed to be a simple delivery, but from her first meeting with her contact, Max, and his android, Rurick, it turned out to be anything but simple. Thrown together with Max and Rurick following an attack, Celie must leave her ship behind and is furious when an injured Max locks himself away, leaving her to work with Rurick. Not accustomed to androids, Celie is frustrated by Rurick and with herself when she finds herself attracted to this manufactured man.

Celie is a distraction that Rurick doesn't need right now. Getting close to finding proof on a conspiracy of poverty and disease, he's been forced to pass himself off as an android allowing the true android, Max, to pass himself off as a human to please his royal family. But his masquerade becomes more difficult as Celie works her way under his skin, producing some very human male responses.

While neither knows or trusts the other at first, they soon begin to bond over their desire to help those less fortunate and unmask the evildoers in a world that is supposed to be good and fair.

Spangler once again returns readers to her richly created world, providing love and adventure with characters who are very real and relatable. She brings back many favorite characters from the past to assist in the quest, and it's like being reunited with old friends. (Apr., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson