Image of Shadow Dance: A Novel


Image of Shadow Dance: A Novel

At long last charming FBI agent and
rogue Noah Clayborne gets his romantic comeuppance. Since fans of Garwood's Buchanan series have already been introduced to this unlikely romantic duo, the anticipation and fun start right away. Garwood's greatest strength is her ability to create warm and compelling characters with just enough flaws to keep them fascinating. This one is well worth the wait!

At her brother Dylan's wedding, Jordan Buchanan is introduced to a strange and obnoxious professor who claims to have documented all the Scottish Buchanan family atrocities down through the centuries. Being at loose ends, after having just sold her computer company, Jordan agrees to fly down to tiny Serenity, Texas, to make copies of the research.

Events take a very strange turn when Jordan discovers the professor's body crammed into the trunk of her rental car shortly after their meeting. Since the police are of doubtful integrity, Noah comes to the rescue to help straighten matters out. Things get weirder when he discovers another body stuffed into the trunk of the new rental car. Needless to say, something is seriously wrong in Serenity. (BALLANTINE, Jan., 336 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith