When a young man goes missing from the Arapaho Reservation, Father John O'Malley takes it upon himself to discover what has happened to him. Father John is especially concerned because rumors abound about a man named Orlando, who is bringing back the old ways of the shadow dance and who may be involved with the disappearance. When Father John comes across a body, he believes he's discovered the missing man, but to his shock, it turns out to be Ben Holden, the ex-husband of his good friend, attorney Vicky Holden.

This is bad news. Suspicion immediately focuses on Vicky and Ben's family holds her accountable. Father John is sure that there is a connection between Orlando, the missing man, and Ben's murder but doesn't know how to prove it. As he and Vicky try to get to the bottom of things, they are unaware of a danger that goes far beyond the shadow dance.

The high quality of the Vicky Holden series continues in THE SHADOW DANCE. The depth and dimension of character development is at its peak here and the rich Arapaho culture of the setting is always beguiling. (Sep., 304 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg