As a longtime fan of Spangler and her futuristic series, I fervently hope we can look forward to more of these wonderful stories for years to come.

Four seasons ago, the seer Jenna foresaw her own terrible fate. In that vision, she was to be mated to a Leor, a man from a harsh race of people who balk at emotion but mate for life. Now it seems this vision is finally coming true. Arion, the ruling Comdar of Saura, arrives in Shamara, seeking a mate. Unable to avoid her destiny, Jenna apprehensively volunteers.

Arion is not a happy camper. He feels forced into mating outside of his own people. Although Jenna is pretty agreeable to the union, he still wonders if she can she accept the Leor way. Jenna knows all too well the nature of Arion's people and hopes that maybe, just maybe, she can change a few things if she's strong enough to fight.

Spangler, an early pioneer of futuristic romance with her first book, Shielder, once again uses creative and innovative world-building to make an unrivaled, adventurous read. (Feb., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell