Image of Shadow Gate (Crossroads, Book 2)


Image of Shadow Gate (Crossroads, Book 2)

Elliott's strengths as a writer are on display in this second Crossroads book. She brings her characters fully alive with stringent detail and attentive worldbuilding. Fans of Elliott and new readers alike will find this novel satisfying.

The Guardians have been corrupted and are at war. The mortals who revere and trust them to provide knowledge and justice to their world are confused and in disarray. As three new Guardians emerge and enter the fight, even the gods must choose sides to save their world Marit awakens on an altar, naked save for a cloak that covers her. Is she dead?

Is she dreaming? Where is her lover Joss, and where is the man who ordered her tortured and killed, Lord Radas? Marit begins the journey to discover answers and to fight the corruption of her world. (TOR, Apr., 480 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs