Image of The Shadow Guard


Image of The Shadow Guard

After a somewhat slow and confusing start, readers will be drawn into the mystery and the magic of this story. With likable main characters, we get glimmers of an intriguing story that never quite jells. One hopes a follow-up book will provide a better understanding of the Sahir, the Kubri and the Shadow Guard.

A young woman is murdered and her psychic cry is heard by Astrid, a Sahir and member of the Shadow Guard, a group dedicated to protecting the country. Astrid “sees” the murder and decides to help the local police, even though that means she is violating Shadow Guard rules. Jake, the hunky detective in charge of the case, turns out to be Astrid’s online gaming partner, whom she has never met in person. This virtual friendship soon morphs into passion. Astrid’s Sahir friends, and her magic, help unravel the mystery of the murder — which is tied to more sinister plans. (BRAVA, Apr., 384 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan