Marrying Charles Colquitt and leav-ing her roots in Bayou Teche, Louisiana, was Gabriella Deveaux's biggest mistake. The one good thing Charles gave her before his death was their daughter Michaela, and it is for her sake that Gabriella returns to Shadow Haven. But Gabriella discovers that Charles let her ancestral home fall to ruins.

Gabriella is also working to prevent her in-laws from trying to gain custody of Michaela. She once made the terrible mistake of telling Charles the truth about the psychic gifts of the Deveaux women, and a codicil in his will could get her declared insane. Attorney Jarrod Landry arrives at the bequest of the Colquitts, but he quickly makes it clear he would rather assist Gabriella.

There is a menacing evil closing in on Shadow Haven and in order to combat it, Gabriella is going to have learn to accept and control her dormant powers.

The atmosphere is menacing and the danger palpable in this ghostly new romantic thriller. LaForge uses a first-person narrative to bring readers deep into the fear and intrigue surrounding Gabriella. Thrills and mystical chills abound. (Apr., 370 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith