If there is one place ex-marine Virgil EchoHawk knows is filled with evil and danger, it is the Isla Tenebrosa. Years earlier Hawk lost a friend to the forces that reside there, so hes disturbed when he learns that schoolteacher Sarah McCormick plans to take five teenage girls there on a field trip. When he finds he cant stop their proposed trip, Hawk decides to accompany them.

Reserved Sarah is disconcerted by Hawk, but comes to appreciate his knowledge of the island. Their guide Luis Salazar has taken tourist expeditions to the areas surrounding the tomb of legendary King Meczaquatl. What none of them are aware of is that Luis has also been using these expeditions to rob tombs. When Sarah and Hawk discover the truth, Luis turns violent.

Luis and his men are not the only thing to fear in the jungle, for the grave robbing has angered the spirit of King Meczaquatl. His powers are growing and death can only be the result.

Julie Miller is proving to have an intriguing way with a paranormal tale. SHADOW OF THE HAWK follows up her earlier paranormal thriller Immortal Heart. (July, 260 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith