Image of Shadow Heir


Image of Shadow Heir

The fourth and final Dark Swan novel finds half-human/half-fairy shaman Eugenie Markham fighting to protect her unborn twins from a terrifying prophecy. Over the course of this tumultuous series, Mead has taken her gutsy heroine on one amazing and truly treacherous journey, all culminating in this unforgettable finale. As storytellers go, they don’t get better than Mead!

To save her unborn twins from assassination, it has been necessary for Eugenie to play a high stakes game of hide and seek in the Otherworld and the mortal realm. Although she has King Dorian’s support, Eugenie has yet to forgive him for his deception regarding the Iron Crown. While hiding out in the mortal realm, at first Eugenie is unaware of a mysterious blight that begins to devastate Otherworld. To stop the spell-driven terror, Eugenie must join forces with others, including those enemies who want her babies dead. Now Eugenie, Dorian and Kiyo are in a perilous fight to try and save all their lands and people, no matter what the personal cost. (ZEBRA, Jan., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith