Image of Shadow Lover (Romantic Suspense)


Image of Shadow Lover (Romantic Suspense)

Vengeance is a powerful motivator even when its misguided. Two men visit the Grand Canyon, but only one returns. Is it an accident or murder? Rachel Taylor is certain that actor Michael Gabriel is responsible for her brother Bobbys untimely death. In her anguish, Rachel has vowed to avenge him despite her unwitting attraction to the reclusive and mysterious actor.

The accident that killed Bobby also severely injured and damaged Michaels face. Because of his scars, Michael no longer takes roles in front of the camera. Rachel seizes her chance to get close to him when they are both cast as character voices in a new animated feature film.

Michael is haunted by the events that led to Bobbys death; he has never completely divulged them to anyone. When the threatening phone calls start, Michael realizes he is being stalked. But by whom? Soon the stalker steps up the harassment to include threats against Rachel.

Rachel is torn by love and loyalty. Bobby was her beloved brother; she cant possibly allow herself to fall in love with the man she holds responsible for his death. If the stalker has its way, Rachel and Michael will never have the opportunity to find a fulfilling future together.

With Shadow Lover, promising new author Lori Handeland crafts a chilling tale in which the complex emotions of love, hate and jealousy combine for truly dangerous results. Great suspense reading. (Mar., 369 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith