Prince Egann of Rune refuses to accept the kingship and offers to find a new king with the help of the magic-imbued Amulet of Gwymyrr. In the mortal world, the Amulet is stolen, and Egann's choice for thief is the mysterious dancer he saw in moonlight.

Deirdre dances to promote fertility in the crops, animals and people. Accused of stealing by this golden stranger, she isn't afraid, for he's the man of her dreams. Her beauty stuns the faery prince, and together they ignite a fiery passion that is soon tested.

Maccus in search of the Shadow Dancer attack Deirdre's village. Egann realizes the Maccus stole his Amulet and are using it to track down their sacrificial prey. Only Egann has the power to stop them.

Karen Whiddon's SHADOW MAGIC is an enchanting tale of mystery and magic with winsome characters and passionate passages. (Mar., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper