Image of In the Shadow of the Moon (Timeswept)


Image of In the Shadow of the Moon (Timeswept)

One night while Laura Truitt is out watching comets, her newborn daughter disappears. Five years later, Laura, desolate and alone, returns to the mountain where she had lost her child. The moon is full, a comet speeds the skies and Laura finds herself in the middle of the Civil War.

Confederate Captain Stuart Elliott is suspicious of the woman he finds wandering the mountain. Her thorough knowledge of military movements certainly puts him on edge. Little does he know that he will fall in love with a woman he cant even trust. And all Laura wants is to find her daughter and bring her back home.

She eventually finds her long-lost daughter, as well as other time travelers like herself, out to change the course of history. The travelers threaten her child if she refuses to help them. Now she is faced with the most difficult decision of her lifesave her child or betray the man she loves and her country.

Ms. White has written an emotional tale of fated lovers amid the violence and destruction of war. Shes heavy on the history, but the plots interesting. SENSUAL (Aug., 368 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer