Image of Shadow Music: A Novel


Image of Shadow Music: A Novel

Garwood returns to her
historical-romance roots in a book linked to her contemporary bestseller, Shadow Dance. Like a bard of old, she spins a tale of adventure, intrigue, romance and hidden treasure. She weaves her words into a wondrous fairy tale filled with her signature humor, sprightly dialogue, larger-than-life characters and an underlying message of the power of love.

Princess Gabrielle of St. Biel is a prize worth having, which means she's King John's ideal pawn in his plan to bring peace to the Highlands. He arranges her marriage to Lord Monore, but it never happens -- the groom is murdered on the wedding eve.

Gabrielle fears it has something to do with the stranger she rescued from death. One shot from her arrow saves his life but ignites a Highland war, plunging Gabrielle into danger. Her only hope of protection comes from marrying Colm MacHugh. The warrior chief of the MacHugh clan, Colm doesn't quite know what to make of Gabrielle. He has no idea that marriage to her won't be convenient; it'll be wonderful, exciting and life changing. (Ballantine, Jan., 330 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin