Image of Control Point


Image of Control Point

An intriguing and imaginative journey to an alternate world with plenty of action and some fascinating fictional creatures. Those familiar with the military and/or willing to memorize a daunting glossary of terms, acronyms and slang will find this an enjoyable and exciting escape.

In a world where ordinary individuals suddenly discover they have extraordinary magical powers, keeping those powers hidden is a crime. When a report of two Selfers at a high school turns out to be two scared teens, Army Lieutenant Oscar Britton is determined to bring them in alive, only to have the girl shot by the SOC Sorcerer as she lay wounded. Her death makes him realize that when his own magic manifests, if he doesn’t run, he’s dead. Run he does and when caught Oscar is given the choice of working for the government contractor Entertech Corporation — or death. With his decision made, he becomes privy to secrets that push him to once again seek his freedom, and that of others who are being used and abused. (ACE, Feb., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley