Castle rejuvenates the paranormal genre with her singular take on the vampire mythos. She skillfully combines multilayered characters with a plot that’s part thriller, part paranormal fantasy and all exciting fiction. And the hot and sensual love scenes don’t hurt, either! Even though this is book three in the Dark Dynasties series, new readers will be enthralled.

Ariane belongs to the Grigori, a secretive desert-dwelling sect of vampires. The Grigori are duty-bound to watch, but never interfere in, the affairs of others. When her only friend disappears, Ariane defies these rules and sets out to find him. Instead she finds an arrogant, self-serving shapeshifter who’s bad for her heart. Damien Tremaine has carried his roguish mortal ways into his immortal life, not caring for anything or anyone except for the next lucrative assignment the House of Shadows brings him. But this latest job is anything but routine as he comes up against a beautiful vampire who is looking for the same missing man. Reluctantly, Damien and Ariane agree to combine their search efforts. Trying to ignore the attraction they feel is the least of their worries, as their quest brings them up against an ancient malevolence that could not only end their lives, but the entire vampire existence as well. (FOREVER, Aug., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt