Image of Shadow in Serenity


Image of Shadow in Serenity

In a departure from her usual heart-stopping mysteries, Blackstock delves into the world of a con man who meets his match. This fast-paced novel doesn’t provide any astounding twists, but the story is incredibly well told and will keep the reader fascinated until the last page.

Logan Brisco left his last foster home at the age of 14, and became the student of a con man. Grown up and on his own, he comes to Serenity, Texas, to pull off a large con for an enormous amount of money. He doesn’t figure Carny Sullivan into his equation, though. The daughter of two carnival shysters, Carny has seen every trick in the book and doesn’t trust Logan. She makes it her mission to discredit him and keep her town safe. Yet there’s more than a con between Logan and Carny — will he corrupt her, or will she help him mend his ways? (ZONDERVAN, Oct., 352 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel