Image of Shadow of the Sheikh


Image of Shadow of the Sheikh
SHADOW OF THE SHEIKH (4) by Nina Bruhns: Cultural anthropologist Gemma Haliday is determined to find her missing sister Gillian, even though she’s sent a note saying she’s in love and fine. Gemma follows legendary supernatural immortal shapeshifter Sheikh Shahin Aswadi into the dwelling of Seth-Aziz, vampire demi-god of the God Set-Sutekh and his followers in Egypt, because she knows Shahin has information on her sister. Seduced by his blatant sexuality, Gemma agrees to enter the underground city with him, even though it means she can never leave. Soon she’s embroiled in a war with Seth-Aziz’s immortal enemy, Haru-re. Bruhns creates an ancient mythology to explain the existence of immortals in modern-day Egypt. Her creative description and interesting mythology will keep readers interested from start to finish.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay