A visit to the family cabin left to her by her deceased aunt brings Krista Marlow to northern Michigan, where she encounters icy roads and a murder. She believes that she saw the killer speeding away from the scene, but she couldn't see well enough to identify the driver.

The murder appears to be linked to a controversial deer kill and the main suspect is an activist who has been protesting the hunt. Sheriff Mark Dalby thinks that Krista is paranoid when she mentions that a hunter has been watching her from the woods near her cabin. But when Krista reports additional suspicious happenings, Mark begins to take her more seriously. Soon it becomes clear that the sheriff is interested in more than just keeping Krista safe and finding the killer.

Bodoin's descriptions of small- town life in a northern climate are well-written and charming. Although the romantic tension between Mark and Krista isn't very compelling, the suspense element keeps the reader guessing. (Sep., 207 pp., $28.95)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett