Preece, the mysterious cowled Warmonger, escorts Moreya fa Yune of the amethyst eyes and matching knee-length hair to a dynastic marriage in another country. It doesn't take long for the feisty Moreya to sneak a peek at the supposedly grotesque face under Preece's cowl, and she is astonished at the ethereal beauty it covers.

Preece, in turn, has been keeping his distance from the intoxicating Moreya but her innocent pleasure soon weakens his control. When Preece discovers Moreya is a pawn in a deadly political plot, he convinces her to marry him instead.

The medieval setting, unique characters, political intrigue, magic and mystery blend into a compelling fantasy. Be prepared for plenty of graphic sexual enjoyment. Better have your mate handy! (Feb., 226 pp., $22.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper