Image of Shadow of the Wolf (Heart's Desire)


Image of Shadow of the Wolf (Heart's Desire)

Fans of shapeshifters, witches and wizards will get a little bit of everything with this steamy romance. From werewolves to wizard battles to spellcasting, it has it all! The cultural differences keeping Chris and Lana apart are believable, as is their attraction transcending the Hatfield/McCoy strife. If there’s any complaint, it’s that the line between wizard magic and witch magic is so indistinct it often blurs. Still, Bell has built a world you’ll want to read more of in this first book of a series.

Christopher Beckett comes from a long line of wizards. Their problem? They are cursed to shift into wolves. When Chris casts the spell that will call a mate who’ll make both him and his wolf happy, he neglects to specify a wizard mate. Alannah Evans’ witch pedigree is just as impressive as Chris’, and she’s not about to mate with a wizard. But sparks fly, and when they are forced together to fight an enemy, she finds he’s more important to her than she wants to admit. (SAMHAIN, Aug., 256 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo