Image of Shadow Woman: A Novel


Image of Shadow Woman: A Novel

Howard’s edgy side comes on strong in this dazzling new book that is heavy on the thrills and chilling deceit. Harkening back to her espionage laced tales, Howard’s newest heroine wakes up one morning not recognizing herself or parts of her life. From the opening line, this byzantine story will grab readers and take them on an exhilarating and terrifying adventure! A storyteller extraordinaire!

Lizette Henry’s life is very calm and predictable until the morning she wakes up, looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognize herself. Not only is her face different, but there seem to be holes in her memory that cause excruciating pain as she tries to remember. Why on earth would she be worried about electronic listening devices or cell phone tracking? On the other end of the tracking and eavesdropping devices in Lizette’s house, a mysterious man named Xavier is listening as Lizette’s memories begin to resurface. For Xavier, this is the signal that Lizette will soon be in terrible danger — there is another party listening in, and their response will be to send assassins! (BALLANTINE, Jan., 352 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith