Image of The Shadow of Your Smile (Deep Haven)


Image of The Shadow of Your Smile (Deep Haven)

The amnesia storyline could have been clichéd, but Warren handles it with such grace that the reader is drawn into the tale. Not knowing the past traumatic events that drive the plot until midway through the novel is frustrating, but the way things are tied up in the end makes up for any shortcomings. This is a beautifully written book.

Noelle and Eli Hueston have endured a tragedy that is driving a wedge in their nearly 25-year marriage. They don’t know each other anymore, and neither one really cares to try to fix things. Then Noelle is involved in an accident and she cannot remember anything after age 21 — including her husband and children. Can Eli embrace this second chance at making his marriage work, or is the past too much to overcome? (TYNDALE, Jan., 332 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel