Image of Shadowdance (Darkest London)


Image of Shadowdance (Darkest London)

In her fourth Darkest London offering, Callihan spins a spellbinding web that entangles readers in a complex, carefully plotted story of great emotional depth, heated sexual tension, dark adventure and stunning surprises. Callihan’s world of demons, hunters, clockwork angels and tormented shapeshifters is so meticulously drawn that it becomes real and alluring. Callihan’s talents continue to grow, and her heart-stopping stories just keep getting better and better. Prepare to be awestruck.

Mary Chase found a purpose in life as an agent for the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals. Her skills are tested when she’s paired with shapeshifter Jack Talent on a hunt for the killer known as the Bishop of Charing Cross. Mary and Jack have had an adversarial relationship for years. Working together will be difficult, not because of their rivalry but because Jack cares far too much for Mary. As information unfolds and secrets are revealed, complications thrust them into realms they never realized existed — worlds where their newfound love and trust are the only weapons they can use to destroy the darkest of evils. (FOREVER, Dec., 464 pp., $8.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin