Moriah Cameron and Sabin Travers have much in their past that kept them from trusting. When they met on the uncivilized planet of Calt, circumstances put them in each others company and it quickly became a battle of wit and wills.

Moriah needs his ship to take her to her group without him discovering her. When she witnesses Sabin helping a race of people who are long-hunted and in hiding, he needs to be certain shell never share what she knows.

From that moment on, the two are tangled in each others lives. Sabin is determined to teach Moriah that not all men will hurt her as they have in the past, and that love can produce gentleness and pleasure for both parties.

This space-hopping tale provides excitement and enjoyment from the very first page. Ms. Spangler also manages to deliver a depth of character and strong conflicts. This is a fun read! (Dec., 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson