Image of Shadowfever


Image of Shadowfever

The hugely anticipated conclusion to Moning’s Fever series had a big job ahead of it; most fortunately, it delivers. Throughout this remarkable series, the author has kept fans enthralled and guessing as to the true nature of all her protagonists. Shadowfever provides the answers, as well as some jaw-dropping twists. Moning has taken her heroine — and her readers — on a turbulent, emotionally devastating and truly unforgettable ride! Enormous kudos!

After suffering too many losses, the heart of sidhe-seer MacKalya Lane has iced over. The entirety of her existence has narrowed to finding and controlling the Sinsar Dubh, the book of dark fae magic, with its power to create and destroy worlds. Mac will use any means necessary, even getting sexually close to the evil Lord Master to get what she wants. The walls between worlds are collapsing and the ancient conflict between humans and fae is heating up. Trying to discern friend from foe is becoming nearly impossible as hidden agendas and shocking secrets are revealed. Will Mac’s actions end up saving her world, or will they destroy it? (DELACORTE, Jan., 608 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith