Image of Shadowflame (A Novel of the Shadow World)


Image of Shadowflame (A Novel of the Shadow World)

Sylvan returns to her dark and complex reality where the worlds of modern technology and the supernatural are combined to great effect. Nothing is crystal clear and the ambiguities of sexuality and loyalty threaten to tear the protagonists apart. This disquieting tale, while packed with murderous mayhem, also explores relationships and the costs of betrayal.

It has been mere months since musician Miranda Grey became a vampire and the queen/mate of the vampire prime of the Southern regions, David Solomon. When an assassination attempt is made on Miranda, David worries that it’s the work of a legendary Shadow group. It is traditional that other vampire primes come to pay their respects to the newly mated pair. Unfortunately, the visit by the prime of the Northeast does not go well and a war is in the offing. Miranda thinks the bigger problem is sorting out David’s feelings for his former lover — the prime of the West, Deven. (ACE, Aug., 360 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith