Image of Shadowflesh


Image of Shadowflesh

YA fans, get ready to get trapped in the twisted mind of Martin, who spins a dark, mysterious tale. This book is like a dream, where almost anything can happen. With so many twists and turns, your mind becomes warped — in a good way. The romance is subtle, the dialogue animated, the characters unique and though several hiccups throughout the storyline may have readers flipping back a few pages to get a better grip, Shadowflesh shines.

Thoughts of suicide lead low-spirited Aileen McCormick to the coast of North Carolina. About to start a new school, she’s hopeful, but her fellow students torment her. Thrust into the arms of good-looking Addison Wake, Aileen experiences a strong attraction — and a possible beastly energy. Addison has been “living” for more than three centuries, and finds comfort with Aileen. With her he’s free, allowing him to thrive as Shadowflesh. Aileen’s drawn to him, but Addison knows he won’t be around much longer. Just when she thinks it may be the “L” word, cadavers are found all over town, and Aileen’s not sure if the mystical boy is to blame — or if she’s next on his list. (VINSPIRE, Mar., 290 pp., $10.99, ISBN: 9780985123222, PB, 14 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi