In THE SHADOWING, Joan Overfield departs from her usual Regencies and historicals to enter the realm of paranormal romance.

Four hundred years ago, just moments before his execution, an evil monk cursed the MacCairn family with madness. Ruairdh MacCairn is the last of his line and before he's taken by the curse, he decides to sell the castle to support his tenants.

Anne Garthwicke and her father are the appraisers contracted to inventory Castle MacCairn but the laird wants nothing to do with Anne until he's forced to let her stay when her father dies. By day Anne avoids the volatile Ruairdh, yet at night erotic dreams feature her in his bed! Ruairdh feels the madness growing, yet his dreams of Anne are a lifeline to sanity. He and Anne will have to lift the curse before his descent into madness becomes terminal.

Ms. Overfield delivers an eerie, chilling read. Her combination of realistic madness, masterful lovemaking and an impending deadline of doom creates a wonderful gothic atmosphere. (Feb., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper