Once again Boyett-Compo presents an intriguing, complicated story with more than one romance and a number of subplots. Even so, the threads are easily followed, and the story entertains, drawing the reader on until the end -- an end that leaves one ready for the next story.

When men from Rysalia kidnap two Amazeen women, including Orithia, Aradia and her sister warriors head to Rysalia to rescue them. There they meet the Shadowlord Jaelan, one of the Dark Lords of Death.

When Jaelan sees Aradia, he knows they've met before and that their destinies are intertwined. He forces the warriors to return home, but Aradia refuses, making a bargain with Jaelan to free Orithia. But things aren't as they appear: Orithia isn't in need of rescue, and someone is out to kill the Shadowlord -- something Aradia is determined will not happen. (, dl $6.49)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley