Image of Shadowmaster (Nightsiders)


Image of Shadowmaster (Nightsiders)

SHADOWMASTER (4) by Susan Krinard: When half-dhampir Aegis operative Phoenix Stryker infiltrates a smuggler’s camp to find out who’s planning an assassination attempt on a senator in the San Francisco Opir enclave, she discovers that the mastermind behind the plot, opposition leader Drakon, is an Opir and former human who is trying to end the deportation of lawbreakers to Erebus to serve as food and slaves for the Opir. Drakon wants revenge on the man who destroyed his family, but when he meets Phoenix, keeping her safe becomes more important to him than vengeance. An action-packed plot with skillful twists and turns makes Krinard’s Shadowmaster a fun and exciting read. The sexual tension between Phoenix and Drakon is nicely depicted, and the constant danger they are in heightens the drama.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay