Reese Christian is a bounty hunter who specializes in hunting down serial killers. Reese has been obsessed with killers ever since he witnessed his own father being murdered.

Selene DeMarco is a woman desperately trying to save the life of her beloved mother. Selene has chosen Reese Christian very carefully, for she knows what he does not, that he is one of the Blessed.

Selene's family has been cursed for centuries, unable to stop the blood lust and transformation that overcomes them. Besides her mother, Selene is the last female of her kind. According to ancient texts, Selene's one shot at saving her mother is by having sex with one of the blessed and shedding his blood. Once Selene meets Reese, she is torn between his life and her mother's.

The choice is taken away when Selene's mother abruptly dies. A grieving Selene must face her other problem, the evil Pantero. Pantero is also the last of his kind and he demands that Selene mate with him. When she refuses, he begins a killing spree that haunts Selene.

Reese senses something different about Selene from the beginning and despite her pleas for him to leave, refuses to abandon her. But can he face the fact that Selene is like the creature who murdered his father? Can there ever be a life for them?

Former Silhouette Shadows author Kimberly Rangel proves she is a talent to watch with this exotic and suspenseful tale. It will keep you spellbound till the very last page! (Aug., 299 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith