Image of Shadows on the Aegean


Image of Shadows on the Aegean

Suzanne Frank follows up her stunning debut novel, Reflections on the Nile, with an even more explosively exciting tale that explores the myth of Atlantis.

Instead of returning to her own time with her beloved Cheftu, Chloe Kingsley has been thrown back to ancient Egypt to witness the biblical Exodus. She wakes up alone in a cave, in the body of an Atzlan priestess. Why is she here?

Is it because the priestess whose body she co-inhabits is planning to challenge Ileana, avatar of the mother goddess Kela, in a ritual race run every 19 years to renew the bonds with the gods? Or is it because Atzlan and its culture have a rendezvous with destiny?

Meanwhile, Cheftu has also been sent back to become a representative of Egypt to Atzlan by virtue of his advanced medical skills. And through what one might think of as coincidence, he and Chloe find each other again. But it is indeed no coincidence at all, and the stage is set for the final hours of what will become one of historys greatest legends.

The power and creativity of Ms. Franks imagination knows no bounds. Her ingenious yet quite believable theories about this lost civilization are both spellbinding and fascinating, while the strong relationship between the lovers is everything a romance fan would want . A treasure indeed! (Sep., 640 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer