SHADOWS AND LIGHT is the second book in Anne Bishop's Tir Alainn Trilogy. As witches die from the Inquisitors, pieces of Tir Alainn die with them. The arrogant Fae refuse to believe the witches are the anchors to their Fae kingdom.

The Bard and the Muse can't sway their eastern Fae kin to protect the witches from the Inquisitors. Only the Hunter has the strength of power and will to force the Fae to acquiesce. As Aidan and Lyrra follow clues pointing them to their unknown western kin and the origin of witch and Fae, the Inquisitors have succeeded in persuading most eastern Barons to dehumanize their females. A few Barons withhold, and they too go westward for answers and support.

Bawdy dialogue and exuberant sexuality make this a very enjoyable book. However, beware a disturbing plot element used to control the females. (Oct., 432 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper