In this final volume of Ms. Evans magical series about the legendary Merlin's children we meet his true son, Truan, who discovers his unusual heritage when his mettle is tested by the powerful forces of Darkness.

Truan lives in a world that has long ago lost the magic and glory of Camelot. It is a world where the young woman he loves, sweet Amber, cannot speak and where her pain becomes his pain. Suddenly apprised of his remarkable heritage, he is given the opportunity to travel through a portal to another dimension and back to the time of King Arthur where he will have to overcome the Darkness.

Truan is fascinated by living in a time and place he has only dreamed of, but more glorious is that here, his Amber is a woman who can speak and no longer lives in sorrow. Their love seems to transcend the time barriers and they are drawn to one another.

Though Camelot appears near perfect, the minions of the Darkness and those who have evil in their souls will draw Truan, Merlin and others into their web.

Quinn Taylor Evans spins a lyrical and wondrous tale complete with all the magic of long-ago Camelot. An integral part of the series, readers will find more pleasure in SHADOWS OF CAMELOT if they have read the preceding novels. However, every fan of Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy and Camelot afficionados should read this new and original tale of wonder. (Oct., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin