Image of Shadow's Curse


Image of Shadow's Curse

The Imnada Brotherhood, consisting of four men trapped by a curse, is caught up in intrigue, politics and unexpected romance in Egan’s captivating series. Egan brilliantly balances the paranormal aspects with a forbidden love between her shapeshifter hero and necromancer heroine, while keeping the tension high and the passion and emotional intensity rising from beginning to end. If you haven’t read Egan yet, now’s the time to start.

Exiled from his clan, tormented by a curse and pursued by enemies, David St. Leger stalks London as a wolf, venting his anger on the city’s underworld. Then, he’s captured by Callista Hawthorne. Callista is one of the Others: half-human, half-fey and ancient enemy of the Imnada. She is being forced to “perform” by her greedy half-brother. She makes a deal with David: his freedom for escorting her to Scotland. Running for their lives, David and Callista are pursued by Imnada enforcers and henchmen and carry an ancient text that could prevent a war. While fighting to stay alive, Callista and David fall deeply in love. Can they defy tradition as Callista learns the full extent of her powers and David searches for the means to break the curse? (POCKET, Oct., 380 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin