The sequel to Shadows of Myth and Shadows of Prophecy, this book will likely appeal only to those who are already fans of Lee's Shadows series. The story is exceptionally difficult to
follow unless you've read the earlier books. The use of unique terms,
which aren't thoroughly defined or explained, only creates more confusion. Trite language and dialogue, as well as murky and illogical character motivations, make this book difficult to finish.

Tess Birdsong has regained very little of her lost memory. But threatened with war, she draws on all of her abilities to forge the necessary alliances to protect her people.

Warrior Archer Blackcloak forges peace with an old enemy to build a stronger army, drawing on the strengths of both peoples. An even darker enemy is rising, which only this combined army can challenge. (LUNA, Jan., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer R. Wells-Marani