Paul Lescaurt is grappling with a pickpocket when he sees a pregnant woman being attacked. By running to her defense, Paul finds himself entangled in a wild adventure, a dark mystery and a chance to reclaim a missing piece of his past.

The lovely young woman awakens without the memory of her name or her circumstances. Knowing that someone wants her dead compels Paul to pledge to keep the woman he calls Fenella safe. They flee through the countryside, hiding in crofts and fields and are nearly captured by the killer, who calls Fenella 'Sophie'. Running once more, they must stop when Sophie gives birth.

Rescued by a kind and wealthy landowner, Paul and Sophie masquerade as a happily married couple, hoping to find a way for Sophie to remember the past and learn why someone would want her dead.

Their investigation leads from Scotland to France, the land of both Paul and Sophie's birth, and eventually back to the family and the terrible secrets that hide in the dark recesses of Sophie's mind and Paul's past.

Well-written and fascinating SHADOWS OF THE HEART is compelling reading. From page one you'll be hooked as Tracy Grant manages to take the amnesia theme and turn it into something fresh and exciting. This is the first of what readers will hope is a long string of first-rate historical novels from a new talent on the horizon. SENSUAL (Nov., 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin