When Katie Webster's beloved husband, Ben, goes missing for 19 months after a mysterious car bombing, Katie refuses to believe he is dead and continues to fight for her place as president of their hotel chain. Exhausted and lonely, she holidays in a quaint town in Vermont, where she meets an appealing widower and his young son. Then Ben turns up, a victim of amnesia, and Katie's fledgling faith in God is tested: Will Ben remember her and the love they once shared? Can she keep control of the family business against ruthless foes who know the details of her shadowed past? Will she and Ben be snuffed out by a deadly, vengeful enemy? In SHADOWS OF LIGHT (4), Eva Marie Everson concludes her three-book series with a satisfying, suspense-filled love story. (Aug., 397 pp., $11.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson