Image of Shadows from the Past


Image of Shadows from the Past

This warm, if slow-paced, tale focuses on a young woman's search for her biological roots. In Kamaria, McKenna has created a tender and kindhearted heroine that readers will be rooting for, but because the story is about Kam's hunt for her father, the romance feels a bit underdeveloped.

Having been adopted by Morgan and Laura Trayhern after the tragic death of her mother when she was an infant, Kam has had a wonderful life and family. Still, she longs to discover the identity of her biological father. The only clue is a photo with three men in it. Gut instinct has Kam focusing on one man, Rudd Mason, who owns the Elkhorn Ranch in Wyoming.

Fortuitously, Rudd is advertising for a caregiver to help his mother, Iris. Kam applies and is soon ensconced at the ranch. She quickly becomes attached to mother and son, but Rudd's wife, Allison, and her half-siblings are a different story. Then there's sexy ranch hand Wes Sheridan, who touches her heart. As so often is the case where money is involved, jealousy takes a dangerous turn. (HQN, Dec., 379 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith