Family feuds can be nasty, but this one really takes the cake! From his introduction, bad boy Gabriel has been a fascinating anti-hero. Black hits a note-perfect combination of romance, vengeance and passion. Her best book to date!

Long ago when Eli chose to create the Guardians, vampires who do not kill, it meant he had to eliminate his "killer" son, Gabriel. Eli's attempt ended in failure and bitter enmity with Gabriel.

Born vampire Gabriel created his only fledgling Jezebel as part of his plan for revenge on his father. Gabriel's scheme seems to be going as planned when Eli accepts Jez, but Gabriel never counted on their unique emotional connection. The family feud is temporarily interrupted when Gabriel's estranged mother and a European vampire with his own grudge plot vengeance on the reluctant father and son duo.

(TOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE, Sep., 293 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith