Image of Shadow's Stand (Hell's Eight)


Image of Shadow's Stand (Hell's Eight)

Another of the Hell’s Eight meets his match in a sizzling western. McCarthy heats up her riveting story by pitting a strong-willed yet damaged heroine with a sexy, tough hero and letting the sparks fly. The character-driven storyline holds your attention and keeps you satisfied.

Texas Rancher Shadow Ochoa is trying to stay out of trouble until his fellow Hell’s Eight “brothers“ can clear his name when he’s accused of horse theft. When Fei Yen discovers gold, she sees her opportunity for independence. She needs Shadow’s protection from claim jumpers so she calls up an old law that allows her to claim him as her husband. Shadow doesn’t like being hogtied and ordered around, but the sizzle between them is palpable and soon he’s taking this husband business seriously. Plagued by men who want Fei’s claim and their blazing passion they must find a way for Fei to maintain her freedom and keep their love. (HQN, Feb., 381 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin