Image of Shadows at Sunset


Image of Shadows at Sunset

Jilly Meyer has always been the strong one, taking care of her weak brother, Dean; her fragile sister Rachel-Ann; and their crumbling, haunted mansion on Sunset Blvd., Casa des Sombres. Now her despised fathers new right-hand man, Coltrane, has taken her brothers job and Jilly is determined to get it back. However, that means dealing with Coltrane, a very sexy and utterly ruthless man.

Uncomfortable with her conflicting feelings for Coltrane, Jilly doesnt notice that the handsome man insinuating himself into her life has a few secrets of his own. Even the resident ghostsa 50s starlet and her director/lover, dead in an infamous murder-suicidedont know what to make of Coltrane. However, his biggest secret could destroy her familyand her vulnerable heart.

There are very few authors who write to the level of excellence displayed by Ms. Stuart. She takes intrigue, adventure and excitement, adds a hot romance and the two ghosts for comic relief, and the result is pure joy. (Sep., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson