In the fifth and final novel of his Spellsong Cycle, L.E. Modesitt, Jr. concludes his epic fantasy with shadow sorceress Secca battling the Sturrinese Maitre across land and sea. Secca becomes a fulcrum for freedom that attracts new allies and forces her to a position of power.

She weds Alcaren and together they wield terrible spells to stop the invading Sea-Priests and Sturrinese armies. Before her death, Secca's mentor Anna had written spells using scientific knowledge from Earth; these spells were bequeathed to Secca with explicit notes of their deadly results. With the Maitre obliterating the countryside on his way towards DeFalk, Secca and her sorcerous team finally use Anna's spells until all Erde knows the strength of the SHADOWSINGER.

Mr. Modesitt's characters and settings are so well developed they become enshrined in our imaginations. It will be hard to say farewell to this magical land where music and song are the medium of spells. (Feb., 672 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper