Image of The Shadowy Horses


Image of The Shadowy Horses

This poetic novel will seduce readers with its beautiful prose and lush, vivid descriptions of the Scotland shore. From the moment Verity arrives in Scotland for the first time, to the very last page, readers will lose themselves in this mysterious ghost story that challenges the darkest secrets of families. Although this novel has an enchanting quality, the plot itself stretches so long and thin that readers may not feel surprised by the end. Overall, a satisfactory read that will leave readers feeling content.

Archaeologist Verity Grey is thrilled to participate in the excavation of a site on Scottish shores that once housed Roman soldiers. Shortly after being hired by the intelligent and slightly eccentric Peter Quinnell, she learns that her excavation team is not so much searching for artifacts and remnants of the Roman campsite, but more specifically, the Roman ghosts themselves who supposedly haunt the site. After experiencing some run-ins with a protective Roman ghost known as the Sentinel, Verity puts her scientific beliefs aside and begins to focus more on the warnings that the ghost is trying to convey. (SOURCEBOOKS, Oct., 432 pp., $16.99)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a re-issue of a boook by the same title, released by Jove in March 1999. The initial review can be found in the March 1999 issue of RT.

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun